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Online Basic Electricity Course

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Welcome toBay State School of Technology

Bay State School of Technology (BSST), Inc. is one of the region’s leading technical training schools, preparing men and women for a variety of exciting hands-on careers, from electrical work to appliance repair.

At BSST, we believe in a personalized approach to instruction. Our classes are small. Our students learn by doing –what we teach in the morning, we put into practice in our labs in the afternoon. Our instructors have decades of successful industry experience.

BSST offers accelerated, comprehensive training in: appliances repair and basic electricity; computers; domestic refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC); refrigeration, air conditioning, commercial HVACR and electronics. We also offer an online course in basic electricity and a one-day Freon recovery seminar followed by an EPA certification test.

Whether you are looking for your first job or to re-enter the workforce doing something new, we can have you trained and ready for a rewarding job in less than a year. If you like to work independently, solve problems and help people, a technical career may be for you. Let Bay State School of Technology prepare you to be the best!

About Us

Founded in 1982, the School was licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Education as a private vocational school on March 16, 1983.

The first full-time students were enrolled by August of 1983, and the first full-time programs started on September 12, 1983.

Bay State School of Technology was first accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (formerly the Accrediting Commission of the National Association of Trade and Technical School) on April 23, 1986. For its current accreditation status, visit the Accreditation page.

In March 1989, Bay State School of Technology began offering its Commercial Refrigeration/Air Conditionings program thereby further enhancing the course offerings of the School in response to increased industry need and student interest.

In September of 1991, Bay State School of Technology moved into new and larger facilities in Canton, MA, at 225 Turnpike Street. The new 14,354 square foot facility has enabled the School to better serve students and graduates alike.

In September of 1995, Bay State School of Technology introduced its Computer Installation and Repair Program, which was later renamed to Electronics Technician.

In May of 1997 the School name was changed from Bay State School of Appliances to Bay State School of Technology.

Who We Are

Bay State School of Technology, Inc. is proprietary (for-profit), co-educational, technical school committed to providing students with an accelerated but thoroughly comprehensive training program in Major Appliances and Basic Electricity, Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Commercial HVACR, and Electronics Technician.

The School was founded in 1982 in response to the Major Appliance and Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Industry’s demand for qualified service technicians. Three founders of the School had over twenty years individual practical field experience in appliance and air conditioning / refrigeration servicing, extending from field service to business management, and teaching in a private vocational school setting.

The training at Bay State School of Technology is intended for men and women who are mechanically inclined, physically capable, motivated, and have a sincere desire to be employed in the Major Appliance, Domestic

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning field, Commercial HVACR field, or the Electronics Technician field.

What We Do

Our objectives

The School’s first and foremost objective to provide a training program that will enable students to graduate into the industry as entry-level technicians and to qualify for advancement in a growing industry.

The faculty and staff of Bay State School of Technology are constantly striving to provide thorough up-to-date training programs, and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to developing the skills necessary for success in the field.

It is also the School’s objective to prepare students with the necessary training and instructional hours to advance in these fields.

Our Philosophy

Bay State School of Technology approach to training is a blend of “hands-on and learn by doing” and classroom theory under the guidance of its highly trained professional instructors. This instructional method has proven to be successful in preparing its graduates for the demands of industry.

Bay State School of Technology graduates are equipped with the background and training required to make a smooth transition from learning in the classroom to working in the field as entry-level technicians, and to qualify for advancement in a growing industry. Bay State School of Technology is dedicated to providing up-to-date training which keeps pace with a changing industry.


Open House

Coming Soon

Bay State School of Technology
225 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 02021

Come take a tour, talk to our students and staff. Financial aid will be available for questions also


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